Picking the Right Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

Unfortunately, no matter how much awareness exists about the need for car drivers to look for motorcyclists on the road, the number of bike accidents each year is disturbingly high. If you got hurt in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia or the U.S., you're probably looking for answers and sound, reliable information about what to do next.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Below are some of the more common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • The other driver “didn’t see you.” Believe it or not, both car and truck drivers fundamentally struggle to spot motorcycles on the road. Some of this is due to carelessness, and the simple failure to adequately look before proceeding. Researchers also believe that a type of “blindness” stems from the reticular activating system (RAS), a structure in the brain that controls how humans focus. Car drivers tend to focus on other cars and trucks -- vehicles "like them" -- due to their RAS. This focus helps prevent collisions with other large vehicles, but it sadly can blind them to the presence of bikes.
  • Driver distraction or negligence. Perhaps a teenage driver got drunk with some friends and smashed into your bike at an intersection. Or maybe an elderly driver accidently hit the gas when she intended to hit the brakes and rear-ended you at a traffic light. If another person's carelessness or negligence caused your crash, that person can face both civil and criminal punishments.
  • Mechanical problems. If defective parts or maintenance caused your bike wreck, the motorcycle designer, manufacturer, mechanic, and/or seller could be forced to pay compensation.
  • Bad road conditions. Muddy roads, standing water, loose gravel, poor lighting and signage, and even animals dashing across the road can all contribute to motorcycle wrecks.
  • Often, multiple "crash-inducing elements" happen at once. For instance, perhaps you got hurt during a thunderstorm (bad weather), after a driver on his cell phone (distracted driver) lost control of his vehicle and caused you to lay the bike down.
Should You Trust the Insurance Company to Act in Your Best Interest?

As sad as it sounds, insurance companies often delay claims or intentionally make low ball offers to accident and injury victims. That may be contrary to the very mission of insurance -- i.e. to help people to get back on their feet after disasters -- but that’s the unfortunate reality. Insurance companies are businesses. Their profits depend, by and large, on how much money they need to pay claimants. To that end, they often work vigorously to minimize liability. Some companies even break the law or otherwise "act in bad faith" to maximize their profits.

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