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After practicing law for over 25 years, I observed that persons seeking my legal services never asked some of the most basic questions regarding my background. For instance, I was never asked if I was licensed to practice law, if I was in "good standing" with the State Bar, if I ever had been disciplined by the State Bar, if I have malpractice insurance coverage or the amount of the coverage, or if I had ever had a malpractice verdict entered against me. I was also never asked for any testimonials from previous clients. If these questions had been asked, I think that each person would have been reassured about their decision to retain my services. In the end, I concluded that persons were simply uncomfortable asking an attorney about his or her background and qualifications.

I decided to launch the website "AttorneyClientMatch.com" so that individuals seeking to retain an attorney can be better informed about the things they should consider when retaining counsel. If they wish to be contacted by an attorney regarding their legal matter, they are then matched with one of the attorneys affiliated with AttorneyClientMatch.com who meet the criteria outlined on the home page. It is important to note, "AttorneyClientMatch.com" is not a lawyer referral service. Rather, we are simply a group of attorneys who believe that we have the background, qualifications and resources essential to properly pursue a legal matter.

It is important to note that we cannot and do not accept every case. When we are contacted, we carefully evaluate the matter. If we determine that the case is not an appropriate matter to pursue, whether legally or as a practical matter, we will decline representation. However, if we believe the case has merit and a reasonable likelihood of success, we are glad to get involved and will aggressively, but professionally, pursue the matter on your behalf.

We appreciate your interest in "AttorneyClientMatch.com" and look forward to assisting you. Please click here to get started.

Rob Katz

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