Choosing the Best Wrongful Death Attorney for Accidental Death Claim

Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help When a Loved One is Taken from You

When a car accident or other case of negligence or misconduct results in the death of a loved one, can put you in touch with an experienced wrongful death attorney who can help you recover compensation for your loss.

Of course, no amount of money can make up for the fact that a person you love has been taken from you. However, the death of a loved one can put significant financial pressures on your shoulders. Beyond the exorbitant costs of a funeral and burial and any medical expenses that may have been incurred, you may find yourself without an important wage earner or someone who helped manage and run the household. When a spouse, parent or child has been taken from you through another's negligence or wrongful conduct, there is no reason why you should suffer further by having to bear a tremendous financial burden on top of dealing with your grief. Rather, the persons responsible for causing the death should be held accountable to you for their actions.

Wrongful Death Law Explained

      When a person dies because of the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, most states recognize the right of a family member or of the estate to bring a civil action against the wrongdoer for wrongful death.  (This is also known as a claim for accidental death.)  Wrongful death laws are created by state law, and the specifics regarding who may bring a wrongful death lawsuit and what types of damages may be recovered vary from state to state. In Georgia, for example, the following people may file a lawsuit for wrongful death:

  • A surviving spouse
  •  If there is no surviving spouse, then a child or children of the deceased
  • If there is no surviving spouse or child, then a parent or parents of the deceased

These family members can recover compensation equal to "the full value of the life of the decedent," which may be based on the person's earning potential, his or her role in the family as a spouse or parent, and many other factors. In addition, the administrator or executor of the decedent's estate can bring an action to recover costs such as funeral expenses and medical expenses, which might otherwise be required expenses for the estate.

Experienced Legal Help for Your Wrongful Death Claim

If you have lost a loved due to an automobile accident, a case of medical malpractice, a defective product, or any other incident caused by the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, you may be entitled to compensation to help with the additional expenses imposed on you through no fault of your own. The staff at can make sure that you are provided with the legal help you need from an experienced lawyer with a record of results in personal injury and wrongful death matters. In Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere in the U.S., contact Attorney Client Match for a free consultation or to get started on securing needed compensation for you and your family.

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