What Questions Will Help You Initially Screen an Attorney?

Before you set an appointment to meet with an attorney in his/her office, you may want to consider having a short phone consultation to help determine whether the attorney is the right one for you. Some things you should ask in the phone conversation are:

  • Does the attorney provide free initial consultation?
  • How long has the attorney been practicing law?
  • What percentage of his/her cases is similar to your case?
  • How many cases like yours has the attorney settled before trial or won verdicts for?
  • What type of fee arrangement would the attorney use, such as a flat fee or contingent fee?
  • Does he or she have any references from other attorneys and clients?
  • Is he/she a member in good standing of the bar association that regulates attorneys in your state?
  • Is he/she a member of any legal organizations that specialize in your type of case?
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