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Many people, at some point in their lives, will need an attorney to help them through a difficult situation. When the time comes, those people are already overwhelmed by their circumstances and may not know how to find the best attorney for their problem. They often fail to ask some of the most basic questions to determine which attorney to hire. There are so many types of legal problems and so many attorneys from which to choose, how will you know if you even need a lawyer? And, if so, how can you possibly find the right one? At, we hope to help you find the answers.

We believe, at the very least, you should be armed with these very important questions before retaining a lawyer:

  1. Is he or she a member in good standing of their State Bar Association and have they ever been disciplined by their State Bar Association? A Bar Association is an organization of lawyers. Becoming a member of the state bar association is mandatory for the practice of law in many states. It is important to know if the attorney is currently in good standing with their State Bar Association and whether they have ever been disciplined by the association.

  2. How long has the attorney been practicing law? If the facts of your case have the potential for significant litigation, we suggest you consider only attorneys who have practiced law at least 10 years. There are many good attorneys who have practiced for a shorter time, but if the case involves significant litigation, we believe 10 years is a minimum for the supervising attorney handling the case. This is particularly important when a case involves a complex area of the law, such as a truck accident or work injury claim. It is important to understand that it is common for less experienced attorneys to also work on the case, but the supervising attorney should have at least 10 years experience in our opinion.

  3. Is the attorney highly rated by independent authorities? There are a number of well-respected organizations that rate attorneys, including Martindale-Hubbell, AVVO, Best Lawyers in America, Legal Elite, and Super Lawyers. Most of these rating systems are based on the opinions of other attorneys and judges in the community. They rate lawyers on factors such as his/her commitment to ethics, legal knowledge, communication skills, and other characteristics common to top attorneys.

  4. Does he or she have at least $1,000,000 of legal malpractice insurance in place to protect their clients and have they ever had a legal malpractice judgment entered against them? (Even good attorneys can make mistakes.) If the attorney has had a legal malpractice judgment entered against them, it is important for you to know about the judgment so that you can determine whether they are qualified to handle your case.

  5. Does the attorney have references from prior clients who have been satisfied with their services? Generally, a good attorney will have testimonials from prior clients which you can review.

Regardless who you choose you retain to represent your interests, there is no guarantee of a “win.” The success of each case depends upon the facts of your particular situation. However, by retaining a well qualified attorney, you will have the best opportunity for your legal matter to have a fair and balanced outcome.

To search for well qualified attorneys, please click here. The attorney with whom you are matched will have the experience, reputation and credentials discussed above. We wish you the best of luck with your legal matter.

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We will match you with a well-qualified attorney at NO COST to you. For injury related matters, all attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay no fees unless your case is resolved by verdict, or by a settlement that you approve. Each attorney that we match you with through this website has satisfied the 5 Key Qualifications which we believe are important for any attorney representing individuals, families, or businesses.

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